Hello to you and thanks so much for stopping by right here!!  ^-^ !  Hey, this is the place for some of the best tutorials to get you off on the right foot in your programming in both FreeBASIC and QuickBASIC!!!  Here is what we have so far to help you out:

» Spicing up some Windows Icons in your FreeBASIC programs!
Author: Adigun Azikiwe Polack

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In my first original tutorial ever, I will so gladly show you how to simply and even painlessly implement your own custom icons into the executables of your own FreeBASIC programs, easily!  An important MUST for any Windows user who programs in FreeBASIC!!!  ^-^=b !

» Relsoft’s QuickBASIC 3D Tutorial Series
Author: Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

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From none other than Richard Eric M. Lope himself — the *GREAT* master of both QuickBASIC programming and the outstandingly splendid graphics demo “Mono and Disco” — comes this truly unforgettable set of 3D tutorials to clearly show you step-by-step how to become a true pro in your QB graphics works like absolutely never before!!!  I TRULY AND PERSONALLY RECOMMEND THIS WHOLE SERIES SO GRANDLY FOR ANY SERIOUS QB CODER OUT THERE!!!  ^_-=b !!

Enjoy them, and it is such a real pleasure having you at the AAP Official Projects Squad!!  ;)

Yo!  Want your own HOT and even latest FreeBASIC/QuickBASIC tutorial(s) to be presented on “The Tutorials Guild”?  Then please, do send it to me *only* via Private Messaging (PM) at the QBasicNews.com forums and let’s talk!  THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!!  :D !

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original creator of the “QB Coder’s Tutorials Guild”.