This will take you to the latest development news and happenings on the game ''Frantic Journey''! Click to check out the recent bugfixes that went into the *very* making of this project! Go here to preview some hot FJ stuff, including my ALL-NEW music from the development of the game itself. If you are ready to witness some of the hottest action in this game, please click right on in here!  ^_^ !


Hello, and my, have you picked a *great* time to join me on this or what?  In here, you will see some never-before-seen material for Frantic Journey (FJ), as this game now is developing in FreeBASIC, so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on this, because I am willing to BREAK THROUGH AND PRESS ON on this project, all for you definitely!!  ^-^=b !!

Alright.  We begin here with something new and rather exciting I want to show you that will be implemented for FJ, which are these:

.......and these are some of the bullet patterns that I have made so far, all within my custom bullet system that I will DEFINITELY implement for FJ itself!!!  :D !  Now, created from July 25, 2005, this all-new system indeed has full support for hundreds and thousands of possible bullet patterns, including the sheer ability for the bullets to slow down and/or speed up at will once they are first launched!!  And just wait until you see quite how many hundreds of bullets this baby supports in this game, too!!!  (^-^)v

Next, let us look back at this project’s joint while progress was hot in QB (before I made the switch to FB!), starting with this already-developmental shot of the “Course Select” screen for FJ that I plan to be re-working on in FreeBASIC:

Next, about the “Master Course” — one of at least three possible courses of FJ — as you can see from these next two changing shots for you to feast your eyes upon.......


..........I am *dead-serious* on making the bullet intensity — or the huge if not INSANE amounts of enemy shots on the screen at once — to quite the level of the DoDonPachi series or Progear on one of the difficulty-based courses, like I have clearly said from the forums.  And that was all while I was tweaking and experimenting with the difficulty setups in FJ in QB on the night of Saturday, November 13, 2004!!  ^_^=b !  Also, while I was working on that, I have already toned down the bullet intensity of the “Standard Course” into something like this:

.....just as part of balancing things up *within* the duration of the FJ courses (including the forthcoming “Training Course” for beginners which’ll simply consist of only ONE (1) special level!).  Not easy, but hey, IT CAN ALL BE DONE IN FB AND MASTERED SUCCESSFULLY, SO DO WISH ME WELL ON THIS!!!  :D !

And also please, gaze your eyes upon this gigantic starship now:

Love it?  This ship is quite an ORIGINAL piece designed for the Gigantic Battleship Stages of FJ, and, it is my original creation rather than using any ripped sprites or game objects at all.  Amazing!!  ;)  And the most beautiful thing about it is, it was made using both Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 and PP256.  PRAISE GOD that only He has *first* enabled me and inspired me to create it all here!!  (^-^)v !

As well, let us never forget now that I am currently CONTINUING to develop the all-new and even dramatically white-hot music for this very game project called Frantic Journey (FJ).  Speaking of which, let us now preview the four (4) never-before-heard original music tracks of mine that will soon (and even hopefully!) be a part of this very game itself!!  So, brace yourselves and do enjoy the intensified ride now, dearest wonderful ladies and gentlemen alike!!!  ^^

All FOUR (4) of the following music previews are © 2005 Adigun Azikiwe Polack, and you are *never* to even rip and/or steal them IN ANY WAY at all (whether through right-clicking or otherwise!), ever.  Thank you for your kind patronage.  ;) !

     Music Preview #1
     Music Preview #2
     Music Preview #3
     Music Preview #4

Also during my previous developments, the designs for the boss of Level 1 (Honeycomb Cave Stages) have already been unleashed, and its name is titled “Monarchoid Bee”.  Here, I have also added a tail with an electrified stinger at the end of it with which to try to sting its enemies right out of existence, with shocking results!  ( :o ! )  Take a look:

Also, here is a look at two more of the bosses that were created by yours truly from around a couple of years or so back.

Ceruvious, Boss of the Crystal Stages (Level-3):

.......and Gariousu MK-I, Boss of the Hyperspeed Passageway Stages (Level-4):

You know something, they are QUITE originals, wouldn’t you say?  God Almighty has *first* empowered me to create them all Himself in the very first place, so give Him the praise for it, please!  ^_^ !

I hope that you are enjoying it all, and, watch this site as always for even more previews.  See you again later!

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, one of the official founders of Aura Flow.