This will take you to the latest development news and happenings on the game ''Frantic Journey''! Click to check out the recent bugfixes that went into the *very* making of this project! Go here to preview some hot FJ stuff, including my ALL-NEW music from the development of the game itself. If you are ready to witness some of the hottest action in this game, please click right on in here!  ^_^ !


Right now, this download for you here is definitely the FINAL QuickBASIC-created demo version of this game that originally took place back from 2003 entitled the In-Progress version of FJ (4-29-2003).  Keep in mind, by the way, that it is best supporting Windows 9x/ME only!  Also, here is a Level-1 preview add-on for that build right there, just to accompany you further.  You know why?  Because, I have recently got started on reprogramming this very entire game in the newer FreeBASIC from scratch, and Iím a promise you: it will *fully* be supporting Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT/XP directly, plus, IT WILL BE BETTER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!  ^-^=b !

(NOTE: ABSOLUTELY *NO* DIRECT LINKING TO ANY OF THE FILES, PLEASE!  Instead, you can point the user to this page to show them the downloads that are presented right here.  THANK YOU A LOT!!  ^_^ !! )

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, one of the official founders of Aura Flow.