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» Starz
Author • cha0s
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Not to be confused with one of the famous cable movie channels in the USA, this here is *actually* the name of the next demo that cha0s has created.  Now, the main deal is the same again as Matrices, only it uses the whole starfield as its MAIN target, so to speak!!!  Boy, he just keeps getting better and better every time he goes along, you know?  d=^_-=b !

» Kart demo
Authors • Dr_Davenstein and Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

These two — Dr_Davenstein and Relsoft — make such a phenomenal team together on this work-in-progress because they have came up with what could very well be the FIRST AND RATHER HOT FB kart-racing game ever, even right down to the sheer realism and sound effects, too!!!  MAN, you gotta experience it to be blown away by it, I must tell you right now!!!  d=^-^=b !

KEY CONTROLS FOR THIS DEMO:                       
    Up Arrow key — use gas
    Down Arrow key — reverse
    Left and Right Arrow keys — turn vehicle
    Left “Ctrl” key — use brakes
    “Space” key — reset vehicle
    “ESC” key — exit demo

» Mini Mandelbrot Viewer
Author • Antoni Gual

Keeping in the fiery spirit of making the mandelbrots so real and alive in FreeBASIC, Antoni has done A SPECTACTULAR JOB with this unique viewer which lets you take such awe-inspiring close-ups simply by dragging and clicking the mouse!!!  Definitely an *excellent* inspiration right there, so please do not miss this download now!!  ^^=b

» Operation Kryton
Author • Gravity (aka Clyde Radcliffe)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included, and this demo *also* requires the FreeImage runtimes, which can be found officially at http://freeimage.sourceforge.net/.)

This fully-fledged FB graphics demo by newcomer Gravity shows you some amazingly challenging shapes and patterns that move beautifully with motion blurs and stuff, and the REAL AWESOME thing that gives this demo that extra special touch is that the shapes and patterns *actually* change themselves all in sync with the snare drums within the hot music that is being presented throughout this demo indeed!!  HOW COOL IS THAT, huh!?  \(^-^)=b !!  The only problem I had with it was that the “Readme” file packaged here was all in sticky-caps (aka tYpInG lIkE tHiS) which’ll likely turn at least some people off, but on the whole, it is a very fine piece of demo to look at!!  ;)

» Glass Tunnel
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Relsoft strikes through again with this HOT new demo that presents a truly awesome way of presenting a tunnel effect that is actually made out of glass!!!  Listen, even if you do have a top-class 3D card like a Radeon or Nvidia, please be sure not to miss this *very* fine piece of work, hear me?  ^_-=b !

» Ploader
Author • thrawn89
(Note: This loader requires the Zlib runtimes in order for it to work.)

This PHENOMENALLY AWESOME program in FreeBASIC truly and effortlessly loads up .PNG images through GFXlib2, and then uses “PUT” to blit the image as easily as ever, and this baby has been newly updated during October 2006!!!  Hey, compared to BMPs, this is just perfect as the ultimate size-saving solution for your pictures, and I *absolutely* recommend it right there (and it fully supports 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-bit PNGs, plus a whole slew of other PNG types as well as PNG alpha transparency support for 24- and 32-bit graphics modes, too!)!!  Congratulations to thrawn89 for such a really outstanding piece of material, I gotta say!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» Hematoma
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Here comes YET ANOTHER splendid masterpiece of a demo by the man Rel, only this time, it presents something like a strange shifting blob-like mass that is so beautiful to gaze at and behold!!!  And it also has a custom tilemap in it to make it even better than ever!!!  Man, do not miss this great download, I am telling you!!  (^-^)v !!

» Pixel Perfect Collision Detection
Author • 1000101 (aka Eric Cowles)
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  Thanks so much!!!  ;-) )

This is an *excellent* little piece to help FB game programmers go such a long way in their games, because it shows you such real cool ways of sprite collisions in 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit graphics modes!!  HIGHLY recommended!!!  ^-^=b !!

» Fractal Flower
Author • thygrion
(Note: This demo comes in both .EXE and .SCR formats, and source code is NOT included.  However, to set this one up as a screen saver, here is what you do: in this file, simply extract “fracflow.scr” into your main “Windows” directory.  ^-^ ! )

This is thygrion’s first FreeBASIC-created demo, and here, he did a *really* nice job on this screen saver as it introduces a strange and abstract looking flower that is just AMAZING to look at as it moves!!  Haunting, yet so satisfying!!!  ^_-=b

» DBF Cracktro
Author • shockwave

In shockwave’s *official* debut into the FreeBASIC demoscene, this original FB-created cracktro takes us way back to the oldskool days where the Amiga ruled the scenes and then some!!!  And you know something, I think he did such a marvelous job on this one!!  Keep it up!!!  (^-^)v

» Electro
Author • Gravity (aka Clyde Radcliffe)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

This is the second (2nd) graphics demo in FB that Gravity has ever created, and one of the VERY best yet, I shall say!!!  d=^_-=b  This one presents some truly amazing lightning effects and an impressive particle-based tunnel effect and a lot more in such gorgeous, spellbinding colors on a white widescreen-like background, all to the tune of such OUTSTANDING original music that will just have you cheering on big-time, you know what I mean?  (^-^)v  Another great demo to download and enjoy!!!

» Twister
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this demo offering from Relsoft, it presents to you a weirdly pulsating, yet AWESOME colored funnel effect that you *sure* do not want to miss!!!  ^-^=b  This is a very fine little piece to check out, ladies and gentlemen!!

» 3D Torus
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Apparently, Rel has a knack for creating some weirdly pulsating stuff here (no kidding!  ;) ), and this torus demo is *certainly* no exception!  Not bad at all, I think here!!  (^-^)//

» Glass Tunnel
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

This is one of the hotter demos that Relsoft has done from during the Summer of 2006, and it features a TRULY hot glass tunnel effect that twists and distorts in such magnificent fashion!!!  A *very* splendid OpenGL piece, I gotta say right here!!!  d=^-^=b !

» Radial Tunnel
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This demo from Relsoft introduces you to a flower-like tunnel that twists and distorts like wild, and it is REALLY FUN to look at it, I think!!  Just don’t get real dizzy, you know?  ^_- !

Are you hungry for a brand-new helping of such AMAZINGLY gorgeous graphics demos created in FreeBASIC?  Well then, check out Page 9 now and hang on!!!  ^-^=b !