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» Yagl!
Author • Z!re
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Not to be confused with marzec’s own marvelous game library of the exact same name (minus the exclamation mark), this newest little excellent graphics demo creation by Z!re shows you a wonderful stirring of the pixels together to form letters, and then they eventually explode in such an awesome way with those letters fully formed and brought into the spotlight, too!  TRULY IMPRESSIVE STUFF, I really gotta say to be point-blank honest with you!!!  d=^-^=b !

» Keftedes (final version)
Author • Optimus
(Note: There is also a Linux version of this demo available for you right here!  ;-) ! )

A truly excellent winner of the Grand Prize from my first FreeBASIC Ultimate Demo Compo, this demo is easily the most amazing and utterly impressive one that Optimus has ever done in FreeBASIC, period!!!  d=^-^=b !  It sports such great stuff as an AWESOME fast-zooming color tunnel that just wows you (even at a full speed of 60fps!!!), a marvelous silk-like bumpmapper that you just gotta believe for yourself, and such *unforgettable* lights that will absolutely remind you of a dance floor that actually rocks this joint wide open!!!  And topped off with wonderful SDL graphics and some very rocking chiptune music by none other than The Hardliner, this all adds up to one WILDLY PHENOMENAL package in FB where demomaking is concerned!!!  (^_-)//

» Yagl Mouse Click
Author • TheDarkJay

In this demo for YAGL, it simply shows you a test of the mouse clicks by letting you click on the moving red square.  You score a point for each time you are successful at it, and this makes a pretty good example of how to implement and use the mouse in YAGL and FreeBASIC indeed!  Not a bad attempt, man!  ;-)

» IsoEngine
Author • Deleter
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  Thanks so much!!!  ;-) )

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!  Those are the three words that I am describing for this *absolutely outstanding* little isometric engine in FB where you control your grey soldier-like piece and find your way out of the maze!!  An UNFORGETTABLE inspiration for game programmers everywhere to explore fresh new ideas in FB like never before, you know that?  d=^_-=b !

» 1pass_3
Author • Stonemonkey
(Note: This demo group includes two (2) .EXE files and NO source-code is included!)

In Stonemonkey’s newest graphics demo in FreeBASIC, it presents to you some of the MOST impressive bumpmapping you have ever seen, as this thing simply promises!!!  ^_- !  A word of caution: you *must* have a highly powerful computer with at least around 2Ghz and a more advanced 3D card (such as a Radeon!) in order for this demo to run properly.

» Custom Font Printing Routines ver.1
Author • Lachie Dazdarian

This *wonderful* set of font routines are created by good ol’ Lachie himself, and its features include custom character spacing, font translucency support, and support for big-sized fonts as well. And more importantly, this minor yet vital update already provides the fixes for making the fonts transparent in 15-, 16-, 24-, and even 32-bit color depths successfully!!  For GFXlib2 and FB, this is indeed a great little collection indeed that you do NOT wanna miss, guaranteed!!  STILL AN EXCELLENT WORK HERE, man!!!  :D !

» Scroll Demos
Author • JohnB
(Note: Source-code is NOT included here.  And, this demo group requires both the SDL runtimes and SDL TrueType-font support in order for them to work.  Extract the .DLLs from both of these files into the *same* directory as the one that you are operating this group of demos on.  Thanks so much!!  ^-^ )

This group of demos by newcomer JohnB shows you some basic yet *pretty* good pointers of how to make a 2D-based game, and it includes some AWESOME parallax scrolling that you can implement into FB, as well!!  A very fine first attempt if I do say so myself!!  ^-^

» LibJPEG Hack v0.1
Author • yetifoot

Here, yetifoot has unleashed forth a TRULY SO SPLENDID 24-/32-bit JPEG loader that is so absolutely easier to use in FreeBASIC, it is uncanny!!  :o  It uses FreeImage to load in the JPEGs and even makes them fully compatible with both GFXlib2 and FB through just the simple use of “Put” alone, plus it even tells you the exact actual size of the JPEG, too!!!  MY RICHEST CONGRATULATIONS TO YETIFOOT for creating such a marvelous gem in FreeBASIC, that is for sure!!!  v(^-^)=b !!

» Saver32
Author • 1000101 (aka Eric Cowles)
(Note: This demo is in .EXE file format only!)

In 1000101’s very first graphics demo release in FreeBASIC, he paints up such terrifically marvelous and mind-bending patterns, using only filled circles and 8-bit palette cycling!!  Amazing!!!  For his first time of this kind of coding in FB indeed, he did such a SUPER-COOL job in a big way, I gotta say now!!!  d=^-^=b !

» FB_bump
Author • Stonemonkey
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

WOW, THAT IS JUST JAW-DROPPINGLY PHENOMENAL STUFF!!!  d=^-^=b !! You know why?  Because Stonemonkey has *totally* outdone himself so splendidly with this mindblowingly awe-inspiring bumpmapping like absolutely never before in FreeBASIC, including the cubes and landscapes and everything!!!  A TRULY DEFINITE MUST-DOWNLOAD FOR ‘YA!!!  (^_-)//

» Textured Floodfiller for FB
Author • Antoni Gual

Based on the original C source code created by Anton Treuenfels back in 1994, Antoni has done *quite* a truly awesome job on this FreeBASIC port here, as many of the flood-filling routines are so much faster than FB’s own “PAINT” command, including pattern fills, too!!  Very useful for game maps, screen buffers, or whatever you want!!!  ^_-=b !

» Atom Smash
Author • coderJeff (aka Jeff Marshall)
(Note: This demo is in .BAS source-code format for FreeBASIC only!)

This may well be based on his own QuickBASIC source code done apparently in 2000, but let’s face it: this one now in FreeBASIC is truly such a great inspiration to us all!!  (^_-)//  Why?  Because it presents such a fascinating simulation of colored atoms that act as so realistically as ever, resulting in such unforgettably deep and true movements to revv you up for your next great game here!!!  Also, this is coderJeff’s first demo, and he did SUPERB, I gotta say now!!!  d=^^=b

» Mini Tile Scroller
Author • axipher

If you want to start your game developing with the simple creation of game maps for low-res graphics like in the classic days of the 1980’s PCs, this one might be a pretty good place to begin!!  ;)  This is axipher’s first demo, and here, it comes complete with FB source code and a handy set of .BI include files to help you get going!!

» Matrices
Author • cha0s

In the very first of a series of demos presented by newcomer cha0s, he paints up a such a fascinating way of allowing the user to “inhale” and “exhale” so many simply drawn boxes using only the mouse and its left/right buttons!!  VERY TRULY CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL IN FB, and I for one sure hope to see it developed in an FB game soon!!!  (^-^)v !!

» Puffy
Author • cha0s
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Odd name, but VERY HOT demo!!!  d=^^=b !  Here, it presents to you the same exact drill as his previous demo Matrices, this time offering bunches and bunches of red, alpha-blended filled boxes for you to deal with instead of the regular ones!!  THIS IS MARVELLOUS INSPIRATION FOR FB PROGRAMMERS EVERYWHERE!!!  ^_- !!

Think we’re done, huh?  NO WAY, because we got yet *more* great demos straight ahead on the very next page now!!!  ^-^ !