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» GL Quat Camera
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this offering from Relsoft, it simply gives you three (3) unique camera angles in 3D (both 1st person and 3rd person) as you move around a wireframe grid field with colored balls that are also wireframed as well.  Good start so far!  ;) !

» GL Shooter
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Same deal as GL Quat Camera here, but lets you shoot off projectiles and gives you FOUR (4) types of camera angles to work with!!  Now this is some GREAT INSPIRATION here for 3D/OpenGL programmers in FreeBASIC, I have gotta say!!!  (^-^)v !

» Pixel by Pixel Scrolling Engine (Edition 1)
Author • Lachie Dazdarian

Taken from some of Relsoft’s phenomenal work here in GFXlib 2 and FB, this TRULY EXCELLENT pixel-by-pixel map walking demo has already been updated with a custom “Sleep” timer for smooth FPS movement and to avoid a possible 100% CPU usage problem, as well as some other vital fixes including some slightly improved collision detection with NPCs also!  Still, this is superbly great for 2D-based RPGs, shmups, overhead platformers, or whatever the type of game you like to program in FreeBASIC, you know what I am saying now?  So go get it downloaded, on the double!!  ^-^=b !  Really awesome job overall, Lachie!!!  (^_-)//

» Summer on the Sea
Author • Lachie Dazdarian

Made originally for the “Summer’s 2005 Themed ASCII Demo Competition” organized by Lurah and MystikShadows, this short FB demo really is very good to relax to aurally, and it is nowhere even near boring at that.  Despite its really primitive graphics, I *still* call this one a pretty fine piece of work — especially if you simply use your imagination here.  Good stuff!!  ^^

» The Blue-Orb!
Author • Rattrapmax6 (x.t.r.Graphics)

In this demo, it shows a simple OpenGL representation of an blue orb with an outer ring that spins around and around.  Not a bad start now!

» RTS..Again
Author • irrit8or
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

This work-in-progress piece presents an interesting little premise: you click on the red circles to highlight them, and then click in the place you want them to go!  Once you are close enough to the blue circles, click on any one of them to fire at them!  I must advise you though: there are A LOT of bugs to be fixed in the programming here, so please use this with caution!  Regardless, this is no doubt an *awesome* start to teaching RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game programming in FreeBASIC!!  ^_-=b !

» ASCII Scrolling Map Maker 2.5
Author • Rattrapmax6 (x.t.r.Graphics)
(Note: For version 2.0 of this wonderful map editor, click here please.  ;) ! )

Even for any of you ASCII fanatics out there as well, this is an *excellent* update to one already PHENOMENAL editor for use in creating and editing your maps, as well as even implementing them in your FB programs for your next game!!  d=^-^=b !  And as always, thrown in is the ability to view your maps in 3D through the process of OpenGL, too!  Hey, with all of this and more now, this is still THE definitive editor for your ASCII- or text-based game programming and stuff, so BE SURE TO GET THIS CURRENT VERSION DOWNLOADED TODAY!!!  (^_-)v

» FB Slideshow
Author • Nexinarius
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  Thanks so much!!!  ;-) )

In this slideshow program created using SDL and FreeBASIC, this lets you view as *many* pictures in the same directory that you get this program in, from JPGs to GIFs to PNGs and vice versa!!  ;)  Two small problems I had with this: 1) this program runs a bit too fast (this can be changed in the source-code that is included here, however!); and 2) the GIF-based pictures do not always show Color 0, too, making some of them look pretty awkward.  But still, an EXCELLENT start, so very good work so far, Nexinarius!!  ^^=b !

» Particle Demos
Author • D.J.Peters

This most splendid little group of demos by D.J.Peters is so easily one of the most breathtakingly so beautiful showpieces in FB I have ever seen, and presents some really outstanding inspiration to programmers working with FreeBASIC everywhere!!  An absolute masterpiece!!!  (^-^)//

» Another Tunnel
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Inspired by one of Blackpawn’s own texts, Rel has created quite a pulsating tunnel, and a *VERY* superb one at that!!  This makes for yet another spectactularly good demo, as usual!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» Metaeffect
Author • Vesa Piittinen (aka Merri)

SUCH UTTERLY AMAZING STUFF RIGHT THERE, as this marvelous little demo in FB presents trail upon wonderful trail of so many colored lights that are such an impressively GRAND sight to behold and then plenty!!!  (^-^)v !  Man, don’t you even dare miss this one!!!  :D

» 3D Shooter Collision Test
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Just like GL Shooter, except that this one does some pretty PHENOMENAL collision detection in 3D!!!  It just cannot get any better than this, I must tell you right now!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» Ascaris
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)
(Note: To experience this demo in full, please extract the contents of the file into your main “Windows” directory.  There, you can actually view it as a true screen saver, too!)

Exact same as Relsoft’s earlier work called Another Tunnel, but with organs and lung chambers that pulsate like mad!  :o  Boy, definitely not for the squeamish, BUT if you think you can stomach this very demo, then download with caution!  ;)

» RPGine v1.0
Author • Matthew Hart
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Now this, folks, is a really cool start of such an excellent 2D RPG engine: accurate collision detection, flexible scripting, interaction with objects and characters, a multiple-choice answer ability, intense turn-based battle abilities, and LOADS more!!  And best of all, it is very easy to use as well!!!  ^-^ !  Truly remarkable stuff for RPG programmers in FB, too, so go get it if you can!

» Side Scroller Engine
Author • CutterSlade

In this work-in-progress 2D platform game engine that has already been updated, it presents now a scrollable play area, in addition to some good keyboard-based play control that is already there.  Two problems worth fixing: 1) the collision detection between your character and the bricks are a bit off-key here; and 2) the jumping still needs to be more balanced.  Aside from them, this is a bit of an improvement to a pretty good engine here!  ;-)

Next stop: Page 5, where even more hotter graphics demos in FreeBASIC are coming your way!!!  ^-^ !