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» 3D Floor
Author • SBM Productions
(Note: This demo includes both the FreeBASIC version and the original QuickBASIC version.)

This is a *very* nicely done piece of work if I do say so myself (and seriously, I DO indeed!  :D )!  Because, this screen is SNES-based “Mode-7”-like in a way using only ONE graphics tile to create an entire floor using multiple instances of that very piece alone!  Also, when you press the “Space” key, the floor amazingly transforms itself into a bumpmapped one!  Pretty awesome stuff!!  If there was only one problem I had, it was the fact that when the “ESC” key was pressed multiple times (instead of just once), it exited the program.  But still, A MIGHTY FINE ALL-OUT JOB HERE!!  ^_-

» GFXLIB Demo MegaPack
Author • Rattrapmax6 (x.t.r.Graphics)

ONE OF RATTRAPMAX6’S ABSOLUTE BEST WORKS YET!!!  Prepare to be simply amazed as he launches forward an *OUTSTANDING* compilation of simple yet so intensely dazzling 2D demos just for you, including a demo that was NEVER released entitled “3D Stars (w/ Depth Fade)”, and his own personal favorite demo called “A Beautiful Accident”, as well!!  Hey, BETTER DOWNLOAD THIS ONE TODAY, as this is just simply his best work ever so far indeed in FB!!!  d=^_-=b !

» Spaceship Flyaround Demo
Author • AetherFox (aka Avinash Vora)
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  Thanks so much!!!  ;-) )

This is AetherFox’s very first graphics demo ever released, and it is a TRULY good start here, as this piece shows you the beginnings of how to create an Asteroids-based game or anything like that in FB!  NICE!!  ^_-=b

» Hello World!
Author • Tio Bit

In Tio Bit’s first stab at OpenGL using FreeBASIC, this demo shows a pretty good example of planet Earth spinning around and around, slowly but surely.  Fine start here!  ;)

» Easy3D
Author • Tio Bit

This is quite a wonderful beginning of a tiny, but VERY awesome 3D engine that uses both SDL and OpenGL, and weighing in at only 550 lines of FB code!!  Wow, it is so amazing what a little programming can do in order to show you just how good stuff like this *really* is!!!  (^-^)v !

» Easy3DW
Author • Tio Bit

Same awesome drill as Tio Bit’s earlier work called Easy3D, except with a smaller amount of bitmaps and the fact that the programming has stretched a bit to 650 lines of FB code.  However, to really sweeten the deal for you, an *EXCELLENT* little 3D map-builder is now included here to inspire you further in creating your own mazes and stuff for your next potential game or what have you in FreeBASIC!!  OVERALL, GREAT WORK HERE!!!  (^_-)//

» Rotaxis-Relative
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In Relsoft’s next demo, some *truly* good physics are being used here, in that this one actually lets you move and rotate around two grids with a wire-framed ball spinning around and around on its own axis.  INTERESTING!!  ^_^=b

» Rose Cardoid
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This demo proggie from Relsoft shows you some *very* fascinating ways of how to move colored circles around and make them synchronize in such a way that they really “bloom” up and blossom like a rose and some other different, yet captivating patterns.  This is some truly cool stuff now!!!  ;-) !!

» SDL Per-pixel Collision Detection
Author • DutchTux
If you want some pixel-perfect collision detection in SDL for your FreeBASIC programs, hey, you have come to the right place!!  Wanna know why?  Because DutchTux did a REAL EXCELLENT job on timing and carefully crafting the sprite collisions to work properly using SDL indeed!!  Sure this program may have a few bugs here and there, but look, this is still one *fine* piece of work to help get the FB programmer going in the right direction, I must say!!!  d=^_^=b !

» Space Impakto Demo (FB version)
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)
(Note: There is a special OpenGL-based version of it which apparently features bilinear filtering, and you can get it right here!  ^-^ ! )

This already *rather awesome* 2D horizontally scrolling shmup engine from Relsoft is no doubt THE BEST SHMUP ENGINE EVER IN FREEBASIC!!!  d=^-^=b !!  Period.  In addition to the successful ability to load the PP256-based sprite/palette files into Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 for FB (as well as pixel-perfect sprite collision and sprite translucency), it currently supports a much higher resolution, a real-time Scale2X filter implementation, and an SNES-based “Mode-7” feature gone enhanced like it has never been seen before in FB indeed!!!  Now, the bullets become even MORE intense in number with a lot of bullet patterns based on games like Progear, DoDonPachi, GigaWing, Mars Matrix, and stuff like that!!!  Wow, this rather is without a doubt THE one to definitely get and enjoy to definitely no less than inspire you so richly in your game programming, splendid ladies and gentlemen!!!  :D !!

» Particles
Author • Barok

Barok has struck it rich with an EXCELLENT group of particle engine demos right here, with nearly all of them ported to FreeBASIC successfully from the original QB programs that were created by Aleksandar Stancic, *including* the PFX v2 Engine fresh out of QB itself!!  And you know something, people, this thing is MANY TIMES more faster, exciting, smoother, and simply much better than the original QB versions, too!!!  A BIG THUMBS-UP FROM ME ON THIS ONE, Barok!!!  d=^_^=b !

» Peristalsis
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This is a *quite* unusual name for this very group of demos, but really, it presents strange-looking toruses that move, wobble, and even slither around in a weird, yet VERY beautiful way!!  VERY AWESOME JOB ON THIS PIECE, REL!!!  (^_^)//

Author • Antoni Gual

For such a pre-release version, I believe it does a *really* excellent job at loading up the JPEG pics to be displayed through the use of Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 for FB!!  ;D !  One to truly recommend if you are into that kind of thing!

» Jejunum
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Using OpenGL, Rel has once again created a REALLY good demo in FB, this time in a form of a pretty strange-looking tunnel that moves truly fast!!  Very nice stuff!!!  ^-^ !

» Fader
Author • Paul Grunewald (aka Stormy)

This little demo lets you fade in and out of screens in a 16-bit graphics mode in FB.  It may not be perfect, but it still is some very good stuff here, I must say!  ;)

Hang on, ‘cause we are NOT even done yet!  Loads more graphics demos in FB are coming straight ahead for you on Page 4, so get ready!!!  ^-^ !