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» FreeBasic Polar Plasma Example
Author • Optimus/Dirty Minds

Wow, can you say UNDOUBTEDLY STELLAR?  You know what, that is just exactly what it plain is and more in this utterly original showpiece of a plasma, so outstandingly superb job, Optimus!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» FreeBasic Rotozoomer Example
Author • Optimus/Dirty Minds

This one is without a doubt one of the *fastest* roto-zoomers I have ever even seen so far, and a very HOT one, at that!  Be sure to add this to your downloads now!!  ;-) !

» Simple FreeBasic-Allegro Test
Author • DrV
(Note: This demo requires the Allegro v4.1 runtimes in order for it to run.  If you have them, then extract the .DLL file of the runtimes into the exact directory where you got the contents of this demo into.  THANKS!  :D )

Believe it or not, this is an ACTUAL working blit test for the newest and just already-ported Allegro library port for FreeBasic that apparently DrV and Na Than Assh Anti were *deeply* working hard on already.  GOOD START!!  ^_- !

» GLU Quadric Test
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (Relsoft)

In Relsoft’s classic little demo, this actually shows a test of some simple GLU-based 3D functions and how they are to be used in FB.  Not bad!

» GLU LookAt Demo
Author • Dr_Davenstein

If you are looking for a more impressive 3D-based walk-around demo in FreeBasic, man, have you come to the right place or what?  This one is to me the MOST AMAZINGLY AWESOME demo of this kind that has ever been created here, trees and atmosphere and all!!!  d=^_-=b !!  I am sure you will love it as well!

» Picrot4
Author • SJ Zero

Based on Ken Silverman’s classic program for QuickBASIC, this recreated port for FB is pretty good stuff right here in terms of a little 3D raytracer now.  Has a few polygon break-up problems here and there, but not a bad little piece of work, nonetheless.  ;)

» FB Allegro Starfield Test
Author • Dave Thomson
(Note: This demo requires the Allegro v4.0 runtimes in order for it to run.  If you have them, then extract the .DLL file of the runtimes into the exact directory where you got the contents of this demo into.  THANKS!  :D )

This is an EXCELLENT high-speed starfield demo for the hot new FB port of the Allegro game library, and boy does it show off so well, too!!!  As an added little bonus, you can even control the rocket to move around the stars front, back, horizontally, vertically, *and* diagonally as well!!  Awesome!!!  d=^_^=b !  Note that this was first originally packaged with FB v0.11b, but if you are missing this hot demo, you can pick it up right here!

» FB Multikey Scroller
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This group of demos lets you move around the tilemap, using a “Multikey”-like keyboard handler with which multiple keypresses can be accessed at once, even when multiple keys are being held down together, too!!  Very helpful stuff for FB!!!  :D

» FB Scale2X Algorithm
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this mind-blowing little FreeBasic demo from the man Relsoft himself, it so *beautifully* shows you the great routines of putting double the sprite size up on the screen for all PP256-based sprite objects, both in original and smooth drawing formats!!!  A SPECTACTULAR MUST-HAVE IN FB!!!  ;-) !!

» Infinity Blobs
Author • shiftLynx

This is shiftLynx’s very *FIRST* FB program period, and you know what?  This is a truly and so impressively good little demo of blobs that move in the form of an “infinity” symbol, their trails slowly fading into the black background!  That is some EXCELLENT work here for his first-ever completed attempt at programming in FB, believe me!!  ^_^=b

» ABB 3Ddemo
Author • Dark_prevail

This is Dark_prevail’s latest little demo, and it looks pretty good so far, translucencies and all in a 3D teapot sample object!  As I noticed, the only problem is that the lines are a little crooked in the object, but overall, very nice start here!!  ;-)

KEY CONTROLS FOR THIS DEMO:                       
    Arrow keys — rotate object
    “[” key — decrease opacity of object
    “]” key — increase opacity of object

» FreeBASIC OpenGL Font Routine
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Using OpenGL, Rel has created an interesting little font routine for FB that you can freely use for your programs and demos and all that sort of thing!  Way to go!!  :D

» PQTorus Knots
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Using the vertex arrays from OpenGL v1.1, this is ANOTHER *SPECTACTULAR* FB DEMO of grand proportions, as it shows an utterly amazing torus that is knotted together to form such a fascinating shape of its own!!!  Runs at a smooth 60fps fullscreen on at least a 450mhz Pentium III computer, too!!  YOU ARE THE MAN, REL!!!  ^_-=b !!

» FB OpenGL Landscape
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Albeit unfinished, this is a pretty good learning piece of how to start creating landscapes using OpenGL and FreeBasic.  Not bad at all here!  ;)

» FB SDL/OpenGL Terrain Demos
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Now *this*, folks, is ONE OF THE ABSOLUTE HOTTEST AND BEST landscape demos ever, without a shadow of a doubt period!!!  ;-)  You know why?  Because, this excellently rocking group of demos from Relsoft paints up such much better and more impressive landscapes and their _absolutely amazing_ designs simply using SDL and OpenGL.  Also includes a Terrain Blender which is a beautiful little texture generator for the terrain itself!!  THIS IS ANOTHER ONE THAT GOES INTO THE BIG-TIME WINNER’S CIRCLE HERE!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» The QuadGon Demo Collection
Author • Rattrapmax6 (x.t.r.Graphics)
(Note: In order to view this group of demos in full-screen, be sure your monitor supports MUCH higher resolutions up to at least 1024x768 and/or 1280x1024.  Otherwise, for the very safety of your monitor, please do not switch them to full-screen during this group of demos!  Thanks so much!! ;-) )

Sure the graphics may be rather simple-looking in this group of demos here, BUT, boy do they rock real smoothly, let me tell you!!  :D !  This truly makes for some luscious eye-candy here, as they *do* simply remind me of a classic screensaver called “Mystify Your Mind”, only it is being done in a MUCH cooler and more creative way!!  Excellent job, Rattrapmax6!!!  ^_-=b

» FB Tunnel Demo
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This is another one of the classic FB demos that was released apparently towards the very first FreeBASIC debut back in late 2004, and it is nothing short of an awesome piece of moving tunnel graphics here!!  Be sure to add this gem to your collection now!  ;-) !

» The Line Demo Collection
Author • Rattrapmax6 (x.t.r.Graphics)

Really interesting!  :o  This simple yet beautiful collection of demos represent a clever bunch of screensaver programs that truly show some AMAZING things that you can do with drawn lines.  Frankly, this is not a bad download at all here!  :D

» Freebasic OpenGL Water
Author • Optimus/Dirty Minds

This is his next FB-created graphics demo by Optimus himself, and I believe that he REALLY has outdone himself so splendidly here, because, this one presents an utterly spectactular (and even more captivating, too!!) OpenGL representation of water splashing and the rippling effects thereof.  ONE OF HIS VERY ABSOLUTE BEST EVER, I GOTTA HONESTLY DARESAY!!!  d=^_-=b !!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

VERY AWESOMELY ORIGINAL HERE, as this great demo from Relsoft himself portrays hugely amazing and hauntingly moving mountains of silkily flowing plasma as if they became *literally* alive themselves!!  ANOTHER GRANDLY EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF AN FB GRAPHICS DEMO, you know what I mean now?  ^-^=b !!

You ready for even more demos?  Then head right on over to Page 3 and buckle up!!!  ^_- !