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» DBF Textmode Intro
Author • Shockwave

Simply an EXCELLENT little piece of work by Shockwave himself, and I will dare to say that this is *definitely* one of the best and most fluid I have ever seen in an FB ASCII-based demo yet... and so please do not miss this one, as it is truly a must-see right here!!!  d=^-^=b !!

» The Amazingly Useless Digital “ASCII” Clock v0.9b
Author • Pixel_2ACF3
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

As useless as it may seem, I found it *quite* a practical little novelty that is MUCH TRULY welcome into the FreeBASIC GFX Demo Central, and this baby presents a giant digital clock in ASCII form that is primitive in colors, yet excellent in the actual execution!!!  An interesting download if I do say so myself!!!  \(^-^)/

» Cool Creations Competition Invtro
Author • Dark Bit Factory
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

This was an AWESOME invitation demo for the Cool Creations Competition that took place at the DBF/GVY Demo Code Forums during late 2006.  The twisting curves here are so mind-bending and even awe-inspiring at times... and I shall bet that it got them ready for the many entries that it produced!!!  Anyway, this is definitely a keeper of a demo!!!  ^_-=b !

» Explosion Test
Author • Eclipzer (aka Quinton Roberts)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

From Eclipzer himself comes this really impressive little particle simulator that presents such amazing fireworks and missile trails that are MOST SPLENDIDLY done in FreeBASIC... especially in anti-aliased mode, too!!!  I so strongly recommended you to download this great piece today!!!  d=^-^=b !

» Duel: Control Scheme Test
Author • Eclipzer (aka Quinton Roberts)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

Eclipzer strikes again and conjures up this WONDERFUL start of a 360°-scrolling 2D spaceship demo where you fire your lasers and missiles, leaving amazing explosions with such a satisfying feeling indeed... WOW!!  A most awesome companion piece to his Explosion Test demo, I gotta say now!!!  (^-^)v !

» Chladni Demo
Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

Here, Rick Clark is *really* starting to get his feet wet in the FB graphics demo field with a set of interesting randomized patterns rotating and swinging around and around, setting up the stage to inspire us.  Very good stuff, and keep it up!! ;) !

» Daisy
Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

In another one of rdc’s graphics-demo attempts in FB, it creates you an interesting pattern after another of a beautiful flower made out of colored balls ranging from yellow to red and back again... all while the classic song “Flight of the Bumblebees” is playing in the background.  Not bad if you ask me!! ^-^ !

» Chladni: Patterns of the Mind
Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

ABSOLUTELY 100% BRILLIANT!!!  Rick Clark (rdc) has truly stepped it up this time with his MOST definite best Chladni demo ever created in FreeBASIC, as it shows you such amazing jaw-dropping patterns coming to such fascinatingly rich and vibrant new life, all to the tune of such awesome and mystifying music ... and you *gotta* see the outstanding bump-mapping effect of these patterns, too!!!  You MUST get this demo downloaded pronto, because it will sure blow you away and then some!!!  v(^-^)v !!

» skyTest
Author • syn9
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  Thanks so much!!!  ;-) )

Hauntingly a very beautifully-designed piece of demo here by the master syn9 himself, as it shows you quite a splendidly-created rotating 3D globe that you are *sure* to be awestruck by!!!  Highly recommended, this one!!!  ^-^=b !

» Bullet Hell Designer
Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Designed so far as a work-in-progress here for FB v0.16b, this is one MASTERFULLY MAGNIFICENT bullet pattern creation tool to so purposely inspire shmup developers in FreeBASIC in a ton more ways than one... from the simplest little shots all the way to the most INSANELY DEVIOUS heavy-duty patterns of bullets that resemble such manic arcade shooters as the GigaWing and Mushihimesama series.  A definite, clear cut winner that is well worth downloading!!!  (^_-)v !

» Chladni Generator
Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)
(Note: Source-code is NOT included in this demo.)

This interestingly wonderful editor by Rick Clark (rdc) lets you create such mystifying Chladni patterns of various sizes that can then be saved as seamless .BMP files!!  And with 8 different generation techniques as well as a variety of different color modes and sizes, this is definitely some top-class work in FB!!!  d=^_-=b !

» FPS Camera Demo
Author • Dr_Davenstein
(Note: This demo is packaged originally in .RAR format only!  Thus, you need to extract it using a .RAR extracting tool such as the freeware item called UnRAR, which you can download right here for MS-Windows.  And for the full sound experience in this demo, OpenAL is required, which can be downloaded right here!!  Thank you so much!!!  ;-) )

For you aspiring FreeBASIC 3D-game programmers out there, this is no doubt an OUTSTANDING demo of how a first person shooter is made using this baby right here, and with OpenAL support, it sounds as really damn atmospheric as ever... A MAJOR PLUS here!!!  It is so sad that author Dr_Davenstein abandoned it from during 2005-2006 ( :( ), but still, this program is a truly excellent inspiration for coders indeed, so grab it now!!!  :D !

    Left mouse click — fire
    Mouse movements — turn around / look up / look down (depending on which direction you move)

KEY CONTROLS FOR THIS DEMO:                       
    “W” key — move forward
    “S” key — move backward
    “A” key — strafe left
    “D” key — strafe right
    “Space” key — jump

» FreeBASIC Flag
Author • Dr_Davenstein

In this original graphics demo download by the great Dr_Davenstein himself, it contains a special FreeBASIC flag that waves so beautifully and smoothly as it moves around on your desktop, and just one (1) press of the “ESC” key makes it disappear.  I think he did such an amazing job on creating that flag indeed and *also* for representing FreeBASIC with such sheer excellence and pride the way it is supposed to be in the first place!!!  d=(^_-)v !

» Desktop Stars
Author • Rattrapmax6

In Rattrapmax6’s newer concoction of an FB-created graphics demo, it shows you a simple yet interesting little starfield actually taken inside your desktop... WOW!!!  :D !  The “ESC” key makes all the stars go away, but this is an excellent small piece of demo here for you to check out, I must say!!!  ^_-=b

» Multi Texture
Author • Dr_Davenstein

Now this, folks, is yet another splendidly wonderful inspiration piece in helping FreeBASIC users create their own textures using OpenGL... and what a marvellous piece of land it is, and the way it reflects as it spins around is pretty gorgeous and realistic as well!!  Great job again, my man Dr_Davenstein!!!  \(^-^)/

» Perlin Clouds Example
Author • Zamaster

This is one of Zamaster’s more newer graphics pieces in definitely a while, and I have to say that he did such a truly magnificent job on making this demo come alive in FreeBASIC... even right down to the *very* impressive way the clouds are beautifully moving as well as the actual cloud reflections on the grass, too!!!  Such WONDERFUL stuff it really is, you know that!?  (^-^)v !

Now, since this awesome and well-needed revival of FIRST-EVER and more growing FreeBASIC-based demoscene in history on this current section of the AAP Official Projects Squad, we are now up to a count of at least an utterly phenomenal record of 192 GRAPHICS DEMOS IN FB total!!!  And best of all, I am gonna cover the new 2007 ones for my next update when I get the chance... and I will!!!  v(^_-)v !  As always now, if there are ANY newest FB graphics demos that I truly find awesome and I at least like it, hey, I will be more than happy to place it up there!!  LONG LIVE SUCH EXCELLENT AND PHENOMENAL DEMOCODING IN FREEBASIC, and my continued congratulations to the whole QB45/QB71/FB community once more for successfully making it all happen yet again.... in spades!!!  d=^-^=b !!