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Well, it has been quite a long damn wait, but WE HAVE *JUST NOW* RISEN again with you in this one and only premier FB demoscene of the FreeBASIC GFX Demo Central, for it has now been revived after all of this time of leaving it stagnant for around half a year due to the fact that I had to work on compo versions of TWO games: Dragon Dancer and Marvellous Twilight.  I have just added in for this update 28 graphics demos to pretty much cover the rest of 2006, and I am gonna go add in the MANY newer demos that took place since the beginning of 2007, and expect them to be on this section of the AAP Official Projects Squad in the coming weeks or less, ok now?  Seriously, praise God that He richly has first enabled and empowered me to do all of this as such a sheer and powerful blessing to you definitely, awesome ladies and gentlemen!!!  v(^-^)=b !!

Let us now give you some background history on FreeBASIC (or FB for short): FreeBASIC is a plain-awesome open-sourced project that DEFINITELY promises to be 100% QuickBASIC-syntax compatible, which will make creating multimedia applications in MS Windows (including Windows XP and Vista, too!) so much more fun to create than ever before just like QB itself did for the good ‘ol granddaddy MS-DOS!!  And what’s more, you can find a possible download of the *very* latest FreeBASIC release beginning at http://www.freebasic.net, so be sure to pick it up and learn from these coming demos and more!  And on top of that, this BASIC programming platform is also available for MS-DOS and Linux as well!!

Keep in mind: MANY of the demos presented to you here (though not all!) will work on FB v0.16b through their own original source codes, though the .EXE files for the demos will very likely be provided with them.  For FB v0.16b, please click here for Windows version, or click here for Linux version.

And finally, my most deepest congratulations go out to the *entire* QB45/QB71/FB community, for making such phenomenal demoscening in FreeBASIC possible in ways that we have never dreamt before in our lives; and also, to YOU for making this the ultimate one-stop place for the FreeBASIC graphics demos and stuff!!!  ^_-=b !!

So, you ready for the newest and long-awaited return of this demoscene, hmmm?  Here are the many, MANY downloads of such truly FB amazing graphics demos to show you what I am talking about, and prepare for some of the best fun you have ever had in FreeBASIC!!!  :D

The following demos (covering all up to the end of 2006 so far!) have just been added on the update of July 13, 2007:
» Short Intro Challenge: 3D Starfield ——  Author • Shockwave

» Short Intro Challenge: Keftales ——  Author • Shockwave

» Short Intro Challenge: Sine Dots ——  Author • Shockwave

» Short Intro Challenge: 18-line Serpinski Gasket Fractal ——  Author • Shockwave

» Sphere Mapping with Plasma Background ——  Author • Optimus

» Xorthing ——  Author • Shockwave

» 7-line Tunnel ——  Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

» 3dfxin20 ——  Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

» Textured Blob Lava Lamp ——  Author • Shockwave

» ANSI Stars ——  Author • Shockwave

» ASCII Fireworks ——  Author • Gravity (aka Clyde Radcliffe)

» ASCIIVID ——  Author • Deleter

» DBF Textmode Intro ——  Author • Shockwave

» The Amazingly Useless Digital “ASCII” Clock v0.9b ——  Author • Pixel_2ACF3

» Cool Creations Competition Invtro ——  Author • Dark Bit Factory

» Explosion Test ——  Author • Eclipzer (aka Quinton Roberts)

» Duel: Control Scheme Test ——  Author • Eclipzer (aka Quinton Roberts)

» Chladni Demo ——  Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

» Daisy ——  Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

» Chladni: Patterns of the Mind ——  Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

» skyTest ——  Author • syn9

» Bullet Hell Designer ——  Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

» Chladni Generator ——  Author • Rick Clark (aka rdc)

» FPS Camera Demo ——  Author • Dr_Davenstein

» FreeBASIC Flag ——  Author • Dr_Davenstein

» Desktop Stars ——  Author • Rattrapmax6

» Multi Texture ——  Author • Dr_Davenstein

» Perlin Clouds Example ——  Author • Zamaster

(All of them are found on Page 11 and Page 12 right here!!!)

...and the following demo has now been updated:
»   UPDATED!   Ploader ——  Author • thrawn89
     (found right near the middle of Page 8!)


Author • v1ctor

This is in history the *first-ever* graphics demo that has ever been done and compiled using FreeBASIC (from the time before the compiler itself was even released to the public for the VERY first time ever back in late 2004!), and it shows some awesome television-like static in a small windowed screen.  Very nice!  ;)

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This is his first-ever true graphics demo for FB, and it shows a windowed version of an EXCELLENT moving plasma in MS Windows format just like its own QuickBASIC predecessor for DOS!  Sweet!!  :D !

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this duo of graphics demos by the great and mighty Relsoft himself, it clearly shows such *AWESOME* stuff that simply lives by what it truly says, real-time and then some!!!  Great job!!  ^-^=b !

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Wow, this ain’t just awesome, IT IS TRULY PHENOMENAL STUFF!!!  d=^_-=b !  This full-screen demo in 320x240 graphics mode for MS Windows shows one outstanding showpiece of water animation movements, and this is a must-see!!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

You know, this is just one of those demos that have originally been created months before FreeBASIC was *first* released in late 2004: a spectactular 640x480 display of a most beautiful rose-like object blooming of sorts using a series of lines and greatly excellent translucency to boot!!!  ;-) !!  This time though, Rel has updated it from during the Summer of 2006, and it truly rocks more than ever, I must say!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this latest fine little group of demos by Relsoft, he paints up some excellent metaball-like blobs mixed in (for the very first time EVER in an FB graphics demo!) with some cool chip-tune music, and then in another demo, he brings forth some OUTSTANDINGLY GOOD magnifying lenses (just like RelLib did for QB in DOS)!!  Do not miss this hot one!!!  ^-^ !

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Once again, the man Relsoft did such an *awesome* job, only this time, on his beautiful bumpmapper program that is shown to you in the form of a windowed screen!  Very nice!!  ^^

Author • v1ctor

Based on one of Meg Berry’s entries for my original QB 7-line Graphical Text Screensaver Challenge that was placed on the QBasicNews.com forums on Sunday, September 19, 2004, this demo in FreeBasic is made even more fascinatingly awesome in the fact that *more* accurate calculations than ever are being used here AND in the fact also that the speed has truly increased dramatically!!  Great job, v1ctor!!!  ^_-=b !

Author • v1ctor

This demo is exactly identical to his earlier one called TinyPTC test, except that it is now full-screen for the sole purpose of showing you how to use DirectDraw directly from FB.  Not bad!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In this one, he proudly presents an *excellent* example of a colorful 3D torus that is so beautifully rendered and operated in FB through software, both full-screened and windowed!  Really cool stuff, my man!!  :D !

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

In another one of Relsoft’s truly good examples, he introduces to you a fine piece of scrolling tileset (both in full-screen and windowed flavors) to just whet your appetite for creating your best and hottest game/demo in FreeBasic.  Pretty impressive here!  ^_^

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Utterly fascinating here!!!  :o !  These words are what I’m a describe about in this finely mastered little piece by Relsoft, and this program is available in both full-screen and windowed versions also!!  d=^-^=b

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

I must admit, while not a true demo by some means, I’d *truly* say that this is an AWESOME still piece of some abstract art right there, and this rocks!!  Really nicely done!!  ;-)

Author • Dark_prevail

In Dark_prevail’s very first attempt at demomaking in FB, I believe he did a real good job on this group of demos here, and the “Rotozoom Fractal” piece of his is one to be believed!!  ^_- !  Also includes a very good bumpmapper, too!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Relsoft rules on this classic FB demo of his, because it shows a *GRANDLY* outstanding example of how julia rings in FB are made and meant to be!!!  Great to learn from!!  :D !!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

This next demo here by Rel himself is his very first OpenGL/SDL demo in FreeBasic, and this is OUTSTANDING stuff in the way that it *actually* ran a full 60fps on a “Pentium-III”-based computer with Windows 9x or above in 16-bit color with 450mhz!!  THIS ONE IS A REAL KEEPER RIGHT HERE!!! ^_^=b !!

Author • Richard Eric M. Lope (aka Relsoft)

Same exact story as the SDL Test presented just above this one, but this time, it is a texture-based torus running at the EXACT SAME SPEED as the one above!!!  Congratulations again, Rel!!!  :*D !!

Author • Dr_Davenstein

In his very first demo made in FB, it truly is a truly marvelously excellent one in that it actually presents multicolored blobs in the form of a plasma!!  ^_^=b !  This very awesome piece of work is best run on a VERY higher-powered computer, and expect a *long* loading time, too (shorter time on apparently any computer above 1Gz!).

Author • Barok

I am telling you right now, for these little group of demos by Barok — consisting of a starfield, a particle, and a fake-scroller — he did a mighty fine job on it, and they run AMAZINGLY at full speed on a 450mhz Pentium-III computer running at least Windows 9x, too!!  Uses the *very* first version of Sterling Christensen’s wonderful QuickBASIC Compatible Graphics Library (v0.01 untested) for FB, which you can download right here!  Great work, you understand?  ^_^ !

Author • Optimus/Dirty Minds

From one of the *veteran* grand-masters of the QB demo field comes this solidly good little piece of plasma so beautifully designed on a windowed screen in FB, so be sure to check it out now!

And there are even more stellar graphics demos in FB to come in the next page, so you just stick around now and hang on tight!!!  ;-) !

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original founder of the “Freebasic GFX Demo Central”.

NOTE: this site is best viewed with a *minimum* resolution of 800x600, 16-bit color.