This flies you back to the main page of ''Dragon Dancer''! This takes you to the main story for this game! Click here, and it will let you get to know the game's main characters!! This one shows you the sure descriptions of how ''Dragon Dancer'' is to be played!!  ;-) ! If you click this one, it will transport you into the game's artwork gallery and more! Ready to challenge this game to see what it has to offer?  Then click here for the download of this original dragon shmup!!!  ^-^=b !

Here are the default controls that you are gonna be using for the game Dragon Dancer:

First of all, about the “Slowdown Button”, it actually slows down your dragon to help you concentrate on avoiding the MANY shots *and* collect the gold items more efficiently!!!  As a default, the “Left Shift” key operates this button.

Next, you have your usual “Fire” and “Bomber” buttons (operated normally by the “Z” and “C” keys, respectively), but what your dragon does here and how it fires from its mouth is impressively amazing, even to the point of it achieving some absolutely OVER-THE-TOP firepower, so Batsugun fans can feel right at home here and then some!!  ;)

Third and most original asset in this game is what is known as the “Coil Lock” system, in which when it is first operated, it locks the very coils of your dragon in place, helping you to rapidly damage and destroy even more enemies (including some out-of-the-way ones, also!!  ^-^ ).  Thus, the tail of your dragon can *actually* be used as a secondary weapon to help you though some really tight spots, plus it can successfully block even the MOST insanest amounts of enemy bullets as well (except blue-colored bullets which cannot be blocked).  The second operation of this system will just loosen the coils, making your dragon move in a more free-flowing way!  This wonderful brand-new technique is gonna be your most valuable ally to help you a lot in this exciting shooting quest here, and the “X” key mans the whole operations of this “Coil Lock” system here!!  For an example on how to master it, please click here for a 30-second video demonstation on how this technique is done!!!  ;D !

Additionally, there is an interesting new feature that Dragon Dancer also has: a Dragon EXP system!!!  Now, instead of the usual “P” and “B” icons that you see in WAY too many shmups these days, this new system provides a unique way of powering up your dragon.  ^^=b  Here is how it goes: when you collect the gold items that are released from destroyed enemies, you simply start the chain going!  Here is what the gold items look like:

....and here is an example chain:

Remember, once you start your chain, you have a short amount of time to build up and build up your gold item collection!!  (An excellent 30-second video example of this is located right here on YouTube!!!  (^-^)v ! )  When time runs out, you end your chain, BUT with this one special twist: the chain amount then will turn into that *exact* same amount in experience points (or EP).  Additionally, if you meet or exceed the required amount of EP that is needed, you will Level-Up your current weapon just like that!!!  d=^_-=b

With that said, let’s do a little evolution, shall we?  First, the Lava Dragon:

...then the Forest Dragon:

...and finally, the Water Dragon:

And one more thing: as you are blocking the bullets with your tail, a small meter on bottom portion of the gameplay screen will slowly fill and fill with orange.  When it finally reaches full, you get an EXTRA bomber instantly!  You can collect up to six (6) of them on the screen at once!!  ;)

I have now shown you the basics of how this game works.  And with that, I bid you such excellence in playing Dragon Dancer!!  Later, and do not forget to check out the rest of the sections here, including my brief 30-second gameplay demonstrations of the Lava Dragon, Forest Dragon, and the Water Dragon as well!!!  (^-^)//

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of the game “Dragon Dancer”.