This flies you back to the main page of ''Dragon Dancer''! This takes you to the main story for this game! Click here, and it will let you get to know the game's main characters!! This one shows you the sure descriptions of how ''Dragon Dancer'' is to be played!!  ;-) ! If you click this one, it will transport you into the game's artwork gallery and more! Ready to challenge this game to see what it has to offer?  Then click here for the download of this original dragon shmup!!!  ^-^=b !

(Ever since I first began this project back in May 2006 for Shmup-dev’s “Dragon Shmup” competition, I have *not* even got a chance to come up with a story yet, due to a two-month time period for this contest that I had to get it in as my entry.  :(  BUT, I do know one thing for sure: the main setting for Dragon Dancer will be taking place in a exciting and fascinating high-fantasy world known as “The Kingdom Triad”.  Plus, I will be putting up an opening storyline to fit in with the nature of what this game is talking about!  All that and more will come as I continue development on this project, so stay tuned!!!  ^-^=b ! )

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of the game “Dragon Dancer”.