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Fans of arcade classics Dragon Spirit, Saint Dragon, Batsugun, and DoDonPachi, REJOICE, because here comes a brand-new and marvelously original high-fantasy shmup from Adigun Azikiwe Polack entitled Dragon Dancer, an official entry of Shmup-dev’s excellent “Dragon Shmup” competition!!!  To warm you up, just check out these gorgeous shots right here!!  ^-^=b

Dragon Dancer is created using both FreeBASIC and AFlib2 - Aura Flow Library 2, and in addition to the usual Upright mode that this game features, it is also the *very first* official FreeBASIC game ever to actually include a TATE mode where you can turn your monitor just 90 degrees counter-clockwise for a rich, true-to-life arcade experience!!!  \(^-^)/ !

So far, this game is merely a demo featuring the first area *without* even a sign of the first boss yet.  But do not worry, because I WILL be working on more and more of the game to make it as a manic, yet very fun and challenging shooting game to inspire you and stir your hearts in pure intensified excitement you will never forget, I promise!!  ;)

Do not miss out on what could well be a phenomenal shooter on the order of such recent Cave arcade games as Mushihimesama (2004) and Espgaluda II (2005), only with plenty of high-fantasy overtones and originality to boot!!!

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of the game “Dragon Dancer”.

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