This flies you back to the main page of ''Dragon Dancer''! This takes you to the main story for this game! Click here, and it will let you get to know the game's main characters!! This one shows you the sure descriptions of how ''Dragon Dancer'' is to be played!!  ;-) ! If you click this one, it will transport you into the game's artwork gallery and more! Ready to challenge this game to see what it has to offer?  Then click here for the download of this original dragon shmup!!!  ^-^=b !

(NOTE: ABSOLUTELY *NO* DIRECT LINKING TO ANY OF THESE FILES, PLEASE!  Instead, you can point the user to this page to show them the download(s) that are presented right here.  THANK YOU A LOT, AND PLEASE ENJOY THEM ALL INDEED!!!  ^_^=b !! )

To give you a sheer taste of what is to come in my original shmup Dragon Dancer, there is a compo version of it available, with a WHOLE LOT of work that needs to be done.  And so, here is the download!!!

• Dragon Dancer (Shmup-Dev Compo Version B - June 29, 2006) •

In this download, it contains an early contest demo of the first area (no boss yet!), and since I have not gotten a shot at creating a “Character Select” screen before the demo, a quick-and-dirty “Select Your Dragon” screen is presented instead.  Forgive me, as this is just an early demo indeed.  ;) !  Also, there is plenty of bonus material showing pictures of the *very* first developments of Dragon Dancer and how the demo sprang into being!!!

Please enjoy this original demo of a marvellous game created in FreeBASIC, and see you again as I continue this ambitiously exciting dragon shmup project right here!!!  d=^-^=b !!

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of the game “Dragon Dancer”.