This flies you back to the main page of ''Dragon Dancer''! This takes you to the main story for this game! Click here, and it will let you get to know the game's main characters!! This one shows you the sure descriptions of how ''Dragon Dancer'' is to be played!!  ;-) ! If you click this one, it will transport you into the game's artwork gallery and more! Ready to challenge this game to see what it has to offer?  Then click here for the download of this original dragon shmup!!!  ^-^=b !

And now, here are the three main queens from three different kingdoms whom you can select from. They all are also Dragon Dancers, as each of them are truly gifted with such awesomely magical power to transform themselves into such amazing and colossally powerful dragons in battle!!  So, let’s get it on with the descriptions, shall we now?  ^-^

Queen of the Volcanic Kingdom of Zelasiu, whose lands are made up of islands teeming with huge and active volcanoes that can go off at anytime without warning!  In battle, she transforms herself into the mighty Lava Dragon, whose main attack is a neverendingly intense stream of lava bursts coming out of its mouth.

Queen of the Green Kingdom of Selandis, whose lands gush forth such unforgettably beautiful emerald-like forests, as well as richly fertile, lush, and even miry quicksand-filled swamps.  In battle, she transforms herself into the awesome Forest Dragon, whose main attack includes releasing forth many deadly spores from its mouth.

Queen of the Aqua Kingdom of Meotani, whose lands yield forth an immensely vast tropical-like paradise of lovely rain forests, as well as such huge magical rivers and waterfalls that usually lead to so many different and amazing places at once!!  In battle, she transforms herself into the great and powerful Water Dragon, whose main attack includes a spread-like tidal wave of intensified water blasts that emits from its mouth.

And you can choose either one of those three beautiful iron-fisted women in the new “Character Select” screen that I am gonna do for this game soon!!  For more character artworks, please pay a visit to the “Gallery” section right now.  Thanks so much!!!  :D

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of the game “Dragon Dancer”.