As this original library specializes itself in the possible, robust, and such fastest-paced 2D game development in FreeBASIC supporting *any* 8-bit graphics mode you desire at all (fullscreen or windowed!), here are the many POWERHOUSE features that it simply has in store for you in the very creation of your awesome game/program:

 Ten (10) different 8x8 fonts to choose from, each with custom italicization and scaling effects, ala RelLib!!!

 Fastest-possible blitting of sprites, including multiple translucency support, custom brightness settings, and a whole lot more!!

 Full support for capturing up to a maximum of 64 SCREENS AT ONCE to be played back on-screen later, without all of the complicated extra programming needed for that!!

 With any captured screen, you can even fade it in or out, *without* even messing with the actual 256-color palette, period!

 Accurate, pixel-perfect collision detection for both the sprites and the captured screens!!!

 Custom-tweaked fullscreen graphics modes created especially for you by Adigun Azikiwe Polack, including 256x384, 320x400, 640x200, and so MANY others!!!

 The very first FreeBASIC library EVER to actually have full Scale2X/4X/8X support!!!

 Opportunity after opportunity for you to store your fonts (up to 9x9 in size) to be used later as an optimized 8x8 font so you can blit your text on the screen WAY faster than ever, with even more wonderful new features tacked on like translucency and custom brightness!!!

 Horizontal and vertical Screen-flip support!

 Phenomenal special effects that will blow your mind away in spectactular awe, such as SNES-based “Mode-7” support, Mosaic, Waterfall, and others!!!

 Full and flawless sprite scaling/rotation support!!!

 100% compatibility with The New 8-Bit FreeBASIC Palette Machine, just in case you need that extra palette boost here!

 Lots upon LOTS of drawing primitives — normal and translucent — including triangles, globes, WuLines, WuBoxes, and even WuCircles as well!!!

 FULLY 100% COMPATIBLE with Angelo Mottola’s GFXlib 2 for FreeBASIC!!!

To see the screenshots of the many features in action and a lot more, please go to the “Gallery” section, and I am looking forward to seeing you there!!!  ^-^=b !

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of “AFlib2 - Aura Flow Library 2”.