(NOTE: ABSOLUTELY *NO* DIRECT LINKING TO ANY OF THESE FILES, PLEASE!  Instead, you can point the user to this page to show them the downloads that are presented right here.  THANK YOU A LOT, AND PLEASE ENJOY THEM ALL INDEED!!!  ^_^=b !! )

Okay.  The FreeBASIC fans have spoken and have waited long enough for this.  ;)  So now, here is the VERY FIRST release of AFlib2 in its *completed*, uncompromised glory:

 AFlib2 v1.0 (for FreeBASIC v0.14b or newer)
(file size: 6,486,689 bytes)

.....and I sure hope you have a WHOLE lotta great FB game programming memories with it indeed.  \(^-^)/

Yo, want proof on how fast this lib *really* is?  Let’s do it!!!

Alright.  In some of the tests that I have done not too long ago on another computer called the Toshiba TE2100 Laptop Computer — which has Intel “Pentium 4” mobile technology, 256mb of RAM, and carries in at a hefty 1.79ghz with MS-Windows XP Professional (Version 2002) already installed on there — here are many of the VERY IMPRESSIVE results taken from them right there:

.....and how about these, too:

While a few of the drawing primitives of AFlib2 are on the slow side, hey, at least a lot of them are somewhere from fast to EXTREMELY fast themselves!!!  d=^_-=b !

Please enjoy the lib, and better start experiencing for yourselves about how much fun you are gonna have in the programming of your newest FreeBASIC game or project!!!  Peace!!  (^-^)v

   From the words of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, the original developer of “AFlib2 - Aura Flow Library 2”.