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FreeBASIC Official Forums
If you are into FreeBASIC programming and want to get better and better at it or what have you, then this place is an EXCELLENT resource for that to help you discover something amazing that you can do using this absolutely powerful programming language!!  You DO NOT want to miss it!!!  d=^-^=b !!

FreeBASIC Games Directory   (Warning: might contain some strong language.)
Run by none other than Lachie Dazdarian himself, this *really* splendid site is your growing source for the MANY games that were created in FreeBASIC even since 2004 and up to the present as well!!!  You SURE do not want to miss this one, too!!!  ^_- !

ZD Soft
This wonderful software company is home to some great video-recording software products, including the *awesome* ZD Soft Game Recorder that you just gotta try in case you have a strong interest in recording your own PC game videos!!!  ^_-=b !
An ABSOLUTELY splendid shmup news blog that is a definitely no less than a personal favorite of mine where you get in the know about the newest PC shoot-em-ups and more that are released daily!!! Great read, too!!!

Independent Gaming
Another excellent gaming blog, this time about independent PC games of ALL genres (shmup, platform, RPG, sport, you name it!), and lots of up-to-the-minute happenings are covered as the newest games show up daily and more!!  A MUST-SEE!!!  v(^-^)=b !

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Remember, there is a TERMS OF USE that simply shows what you are to do with them.  ;)

U P D A T E D   O N :   Friday, July 13, 2007

(I AM BACK on a brand-new corner of the web, as the AAP Official Projects Squad now officially
kicks off its 3rd year!!!  \(^-^)/ !  First up, 28 newer FB graphics demos from 2006 have
been added to the revival of the FreeBASIC GFX Demo Central, and there is quite a lot more
material to come as I will be adding new stuff to the site and do some sprucing up on my part!
Also, if you want to know what happened to The Official Artworks of Adigun Azikiwe Polack, well,
they have officially been moved to, where I display ALL-NEW
artworks that I am sure you will find *unusually* fascinating!!  Look no further, because I have
just arrived AGAIN, so do enjoy my site even better now!!!  d=^_-=b !! )

The AAP Official Projects Squad is your official home of the FreeBASIC Ultimate Demo Compo, which will have a shot of returning in the coming months ahead, so stick around and watch for it to come back!!!  ^-^ !

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